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The best

Everyone will need one in the future

Seems to work

I used the spray when my husband was coughing and sneezing for weeks. I didn’t catch his virus so I cautiously say this spray helps to kill germs. I also used a throat gargle to be on the safe side. I hate getting sick so this is a good spray to have on hand.

Most Effective Nasal Decongestant Used

Nasodine is by far the most effective nasal decongestant I have used. I have eagerly waited for it to be available for sale and ordered it from the USA without any problems. I found it to work within seconds to relieve a blocked nose and congested throat. Congestion was just falling away and I could breathe clearly again through my nose. It is effective for hours. Well done Nasodine team for all your dedicated research and development work on this great product!!!

Cured Nasal Vestibulitis

Well, I didnt' expect this. After the RSV virus going through our home, and my son becoming dreadfully ill we tried Nasodine. It was recommended to me by my Uncle who followed the clinical trials of this product, he is a retired TGA/FDA regulations and clinical trial assessor and was in the medical industry for over 40 years. My son was bedridden and it looked like he was going to end up in hospital, he could not breathe and was in a lot of pain. After using Nasodine for the first day, he seemed a bit better, however, after 3 days of using it 3 times a day, he was up and back at work. Honestly, this was a miracle, but not only did it elliminate this virus, I also came down with swollen glands, sore throat , dripping burning nasal leak, which turned to very painful Nasal Vestibulitis. Then a painful cyst appeared inside my nose, that was leaking puss. I tried everything, anitbiotics , antibiotic ointments, and my doctor was at a loss to help me heal it. This went on for two months. It kept recurring and the skin around my nostrils was broken and inflamed, and I found it hard to breathe. My doctor booked me in again , and this time, he was going to refer me to an ENT and do some swabs to see if it was something else, and to have the cyst cut out, an expensive excercise for me, but I was desperate to fix this.. Feeling sick and stressed, I tried Nasodine, Being really sensitive, I took one spray of it to see if I would have a reaction, as with other sprays, I get irritation and inflammation from them and they make things worse. Nasodine felt really refreshing, the smell is lovely, i had no adverse reaction, and so I tried it again that evening, 3 sprays in each nostril not expecting much as this had gone on for so long now. The next morning, I woke up and there was no pain around my nostrils, the peeling skin had started to heal. I then used it twice a day. By the time I got to the doctor 3 days later, it was all but cleared, the cyst was gone. He recommended I keep using it , as it seemed that whatever bacteria was trapped in my nasal passages was now killed off and my nose was starting to heal. He was as surprised as me, but then told me that the ingredients in this nose spray were perfect for killing viruses, and as they are airborne, using it would prevent them from getting into our systems. I am so grateful to have this product we can use. There are so many new viruses, and now, at the first sight of any symptom, or if we have been exposed to someone sick, this will be our go to prevention and cure… I highly recommend this product , not only for symptoms of the Flu viruses, but as a prevention to getting them in the first place. I can't wait until we can buy it here in Australia, and it is more affordable to us, but the price doesn't compare to ending up in a specialists clinic, paying for expensive treatments/ surgery , and the lengthy waiting times that cause more stress . I am truly grateful for this product and now tell everyone about it.. Its a true Gift from God.. P.S. I included some photos, to show the irritation around my nostrils and the cyst inside. You can see the cyst has decreased in size after two days use of Nasodine. its completely healed now, just amazing! Just Wow!!

Profound results

I have used Nasodine a number of times. There have been moments where I suspected some symptoms of a cold and used the Nasodine spray. The symptoms never progressed to a stage beyond irritating as opposed to a cold taking you to a point of incapacitation. I have also used Nasodine as a preventative when I noticed others around me getting sick with colds. I highly recommend people use this product. One situation I’d like to share is once I felt my glands and throat very sore and I was on my back and was not functioning very well which is what bad colds can do. I didn’t have any Nasodine on me and assumed it was too late to use the product. A day or so later I have it a go, next day the symptoms were reduced and I started getting my strength back. This was a very profound moment when using this product. I urge people to have this product on hand especially during seasons where colds are going round.

Carry it everywhere l go. Use it before I leave home and use while out in the public. So far deteriorating the bugs that might set off flue COVID symptoms.

We love it!!

We bought Nasodine Nasal Spray based on the media reports relating to relieving symptons of the
‘common cold’. As I have frequent ‘bleeds’ from one nostril, it is very uncomfortable for me to blow
/ clear mucus from my nose during times of the common cold / flu.
I used Nasodine Nasal Spray as per directions of 2 x pumps in each nostril every morning and
afternoon for a week after the first signs of a cold presented to me. Additionally I applied 2 x pumps
to each nostril early afternoon ( after lunch).
After the first 5 days the symptons had noticeably subsided and I continued the daily application for
another 3 days, just to be sure.
The application of Nasodine Nasal Spray has worked for me, and we will be keeping it on hand for
when the next session.
I / we do have annual seasonal flu vaccinations as a precaution, however there are still occasions
when a ‘sniffly’ nose or runny nose occur. Hopefully by having the Nasodine Nasal Spray on hand, I
will be able to deal with the virus in the nostrils promptly.

Nasodine Spray

I have suffered from Chronic nasal infections for years, tried most options, Saline spray, tablets and many nasal sprays to relieve the symptoms. Nothing worked so I have followed the development of Nasodine and have been using since its release.
This has been the longest period I have had without a sinus infection (touch wood) and although it is early days for me I am upbeat that I have found a product that may actually work. My aim has been to prevent rather than treat.

Nasodine....Medical science at work

Having heard about the proven effective treatment and fast relief Nasodine provides I gave it a try and wow what a difference it made.
This will prove to be a game changer to airborne viruses in the community. Nasodine nasal spray now has a front row seat in my families medical cabinet. Highly recommend this product.

Keep a cold at bay.

Started using Nasodine when I first noticed the symptoms of a cold. I feel it stopped the cold developing further. My symptoms did not progress beyond very mild. It is easy to keep in your handbag and use.

Received my nasodine nasal spray from USA

Hi I would just like to inform you that I have received the nasal spray from USA have been using it for onset cold and blocked running nose. Happy to inform you that it is the answer to my common cold.
Thanku. Keep up the hard work
Leanne Geary

Nasodine Nasal Spray

“My family and I have been using Nasodine nasal spray daily since its launch and are very happy with the effectiveness of the product, we will be rebuying. We are recommending Nasodine to all our family and friends.”

Great peace of mind when travelling or in crowds

Great to know that Nasodine has been scientifically developed and tested. It’s my go-to product for protecting myself against the airborne bugs that threaten to ruin my holiday with cold or flu.

Great product

I have previously used other nasal sprays, such as saline or eucalyptus, as a possible protection against airborne infection when traveling on aircraft. I have been happy to substitute Nasodine for the same purpose knowing the sterilizing properties of Povidone-Iodine. I make sure I now always carry some when I am traveling. I am ‘a convert’ to this great little product

The best!

I was recommended Nasodine from a friend and I can’t believe the results! I came down with the common cold a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe how much it helped! I was able to breath and feel less congested! Will definitely be stocking up!

Very happy

So glad I found you Nasodine, so far so good, I've been using it after going out and no **** since Yayyy! I'll be buying more when needed. Thank you 😊

Successful use

I recently purchased my first sample of Nasodine to take overseas with me on holidays. I have had a nasal drip each morning for some months now and decided to use Nasodine to see if there was any relief. I have only used it on three separate occasions and have noticed that the symptoms subsided during the day and breathing was easier. Having had limited use, I’m unable to gauge what longer term use may provide but I am certainly encouraged by results so far.

Nasodine has worked so far

So pleased to have found this product. Whenever I am in a crowd or looking after sick young grandchildren I use this and so far it has kept the germs at bay. I have also given it to family members and they have all been happy with the results. I don't leave home without it.

Great product

I used Nasodine recently when I felt early symptoms of a cold, I used for 2 days and was very happy with results.
I have purchased additional bottles for family members to use as a precaution after travelling or being in areas where there are large crowds

Glad to see Nasodine available

Having used a trial pack of Nasodine successfully during **** iam delighted to see it available online so I can protect myself especially during winter.

Nasodine backed clinical studies

I've been studying Nasodine for the last 5 years and it’s a fantastic medicine. It’s backed by solid science with clinical studies, patents, publications in academic journals, and proven safety and tolerability. My family have been using Nasodine during the winter months and before and after flying. I’m a dedicated customer because it’s really helped our health. No more wasted holiday time or work trips being sick! Nasodine helps us to push on during winter much better. I’m telling all my patients about Nasodine.


I am very pleased with Nasodine. If I am going into a crowded room in the middle winter where I am likely to encounter people coughing and sneezing I spray Nasodine up my nose in advance. The spray pentrates into the back of the nose. It clears my nose while not irritating it.

Great Product

I am a general practitioner and have used Nasodine in different settings over the last few years.
Used it when I had **** 2 years ago before antivirals were available.
Felt much better in 24 hours.
Similar experience with an URTI ...almost fully recovered in 24 hours.
I worked throughout the **** years without a mask and used Nasodine from time to time when I suspected i might have been exposed to ****.
I note the South African trial showed great results using Nasodine in eliminating the virus.

I've tried this, it's an amazing product

If you travel as much as I did during my career you'll carry it with you every time.

Highly recommend!

I am extremely pleased with Nasodine nasal spray. When I started showing symptoms of a cold, I used it immediately. Remarkably, my symptoms didn't worsen and within 36 hours, I was completely better. While it wasn't pleasant using it at first, it definitely worked. With a family of five, colds spread very quickly in our household, but this time, no one else got sick. Nasodine effectively stopped the virus from spreading. Highly recommend!